Removing The Welcome Mat For Termites: 10 Ways To Keep Them Out

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If termites invade the structure of your home, you're in big trouble. They will destroy everything in their path, causing you unbelievable losses. Here are 10 ways to keep them out of your house:

1. Avoid using wood for any ground-level attachment to your home. Things like banisters and trellises can serve as direct routes into your house. Use something else, like metal or plastic whenever possible.

2. Don't store wood directly next to your home. Any pile of debris, such as twigs or logs, can serve as a breeding ground for termites and if the pile is too close to your house, they're going in!

3. Surround your home with plastic. Apply plastic sheeting around the entire circumference of your house, then cover it with topsoil. Do not, however, cover it with mulch, as this will serve as food for termites.

4. Reduce the humidity in your attic. A well-ventilated attic means less favorable conditions for termites.

5. Clear your gutters and drains. Keeping them free from debris, like accumulated leaves, will remove a potential food source for the termites.

6. Watch for cracks in your foundation. If you notice any cracks forming which could serve as entry points for termites, seal them immediately.

7. If you're siding is made of wood, keep it high. Allow for at least half a foot of space between the ground and the start of your siding, otherwise, you're inviting termites directly into the building.

8. Store firewood in a shed, away from the house. If you use wood as a source of heat in the home, be sure and store it at a safe distance from the main home. Even if it means hauling it further when you need it in the winter time, the stored wood can easily serve as a feeding and breeding ground for termites.

9. Don't give them water to drink. Any leaking faucet, such as in the basement or outside where you attach a hose can provide all kinds of pests with the water they need to survive. Stop all leaks immediately.

10. Watch for signs of termites. Examine the wood close to your home and remove it if you notice tunnels or other indications that the pests are present. Keep trees and shrubs well-trimmed, so it's easy to spot signals of potential trouble.You'll sleep sounder knowing termites have no welcome mat into your house. Be vigilant, apply these tips and call a professional if you see any signs of termites too close to home.